CATCH My Breath Program Overview

On this site, you will find a lot of important information about the CATCH My Breath program. You can also view recent news articles about e-cigarettes and how they are currently affecting the world.

Our Goal: Preventing the initiation of e-cigarette use among preteen and teen adolescents.

What We’re Doing: Throughout the ’19-’20 academic school year, Plymouth State’s Health and Physical Education Teacher Certification Program will lead the charge in the state of NH to help curb youth e-cigarette and vape use with the implementation and support of the CATCH My Breath e-cigarette prevention lessons. We will train our pre-service physical education and health education student teachers to deliver the CATCH My Breath curriculum as well, and other Health and PE teachers across the state. With an anticipated reach of over 3,000 students, data will be collected each time the lessons are delivered, and reports will be generated back to CVS on the impact of the lessons.